Healthy Lives

Health – including physical and mental well-being – is an important determinant of overall quality of life.

Primary care plays an important role in achieving healthy outcomes.One of the strategies of our healthy lives initiative is to educate consumers and community leaders about the importance of primary care.

Access to quality healthcare

Many Rhode Islanders currently face barriers to quality healthcare; 14.6% of adults did not have health insurance in 2010 (lower than the national average but the highest rate in New England).

People without primary care or health insurance defer care or use hospital emergency rooms in times of crisis, driving up the costs of healthcare for everyone.

Rhode Island has tremendous responsibilities and opportunities in implementing new federal reforms.

Our Vision

All Rhode Islanders have access to quality primary care.


  • Educate consumers and community leaders about the role of primary care in achieving healthy outcomes.
  • Promote consumer use of primary care medical homes.
  • Identify, test, and spread integrated, “full body” approaches to health care (i.e. behavioral, dental, primary).

Desired Outcomes

  • An expanded primary care workforce that meets the growing demands of our state
  • Widespread implementation of the patient-centered medical home model that utilizes best practices and proven programs to deliver coordinated approaches to care
  • Decreased rates of chronic disease and emergency service use
  • Increased preventive care

Data on Key Indicators

As part of our commitment to ongoing learning, we track key statewide indicators in our priority areas, including health, to better understand the challenges and refine strategies to address them. Learn more at our COMMUNITY DASHBOARD
Learn more about our GRANTMAKING AREAS OF FOCUS and how to apply for a STRATEGY GRANT.

Within the health sector, specific funds are available that extend our grantmaking. The FUND FOR A HEALTHY RHODE ISLAND aims to strengthen the primary care system by offering grants that improve access to primary care for Rhode Islanders. The RIGHA Foundation Fund supports projects, programs, and organizations that support healthcare in Rhode Island. The fund does not directly support medical research. For additional Information or to apply to either program, please contact .

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