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Rhode Island ranks poorly for charitable giving. Looking back, we have lagged the national average of household giving for decades; since 2001, Rhode Island has ranked 45th or lower.

Charitable giving in Rhode Island

Several factors – including income, tax burden, and cost of living – are related to the aggregate level of giving, but they are insufficient by themselves to fully account for Rhode Island’s ranking. In fact, our poor ranking is the result of the aggregate of several factors, including religious affiliation, the recession and job losses, higher education degree attainment, home ownership, professional occupation attainment, and levels of health. On all of these factors, Rhode Island lags the New England averages; together, they account for potentially $60 million in lost charitable giving. 


Increase philanthropy in Rhode Island.

Rhode Islanders share their thoughts on what it means to be a philanthropist.


  • Inspire a broader audience about what philanthropy is and why it matters.
  • Promote opportunities for philanthropy and eliminate barriers.
  • Increase giving to the Foundation. 

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