Michael P. Metcalf Memorial Fund and Christine T. Grinavic Adventurer's Fund

In 1989, the Michael P. Metcalf Memorial Fund was established at the Rhode Island Foundation to honor the memory of Michael P. Metcalf, publisher of the Providence Journal. Additional money from the Christine T. Grinavic Adventurer's Fund, established in Christine Grinavic's memory, supplements Metcalf awards. Christine was a University of Rhode Island graduate and 2001 Metcalf award winner who was lost at sea in 2007.
The fellowship is to be unique, channeled to dreamers and potential leaders who clearly are outstanding students, able to benefit from a life changing experience."
- James Wyman, founding member from the Providence Journal who served on the advisory committee to the fund for 25 years

The funds provide grants to college students to subsidize experiences intended to broaden their perspective and enhance personal growth. They may include travel in this country and abroad and a variety of internship and public service programs. The award does not reimburse students for unearned summer wages. Traditional programs and those that are a regular part of the student’s curriculum of his/her institution’s offerings — such as a sponsored junior year abroad or a departmentally sponsored summer research program — will not be funded.

Please note: (1) Enrichment experiences for which students will receive college credit(s) would not qualify for funding. (2) Applicant must be a Rhode Island resident for at least five years prior to application deadline.

Grants are not intended for purchase of equipment or other capital expenses. Numerous awards of up to $5,000 each will be given. All applicants will be notified of the decision in March.

Selection criteria

Applications will be accepted from college freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who have been legal residents of Rhode Island for at least five years prior to the deadline of this application. The enrichment experience is to occur by year end 2016. Plans must include a well-defined program and demonstrate clear purpose. Applicants must show financial need for support in completing the project. Those selected must submit a final project — in writing and perhaps another medium — communicating the value of the experience in furthering their long-term goals. Criteria for evaluating applications include: clarity and thoughtfulness of application, creativity and motivation of proposed project, evidence of self-direction and initiative, and financial need.

Application deadline extended to February 12, 2016


A complete application includes:

  • Your official college transcript 
  • Résumé 
  • Financial information worksheet
  • A copy of your financial aid award letter 
  • A copy of your final Student Aid Report 
  • Two proofs of Rhode Island residency (five-year Rhode Island residency requirement prior to application deadline) 
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty, employers or other professional persons who understand why the proposed experience is appropriate for you 
  • Description of enrichment experience, including plans, preparation, amount requested and how funds will be used, breakdown of itemized expenses, and how this experience will further your goals. 
  • Supporting documentation concerning the proposed experience (optional).


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