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Jean Cohoon
Jean Cohoon
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Alice M. Harkin Nursing Scholarship Fund
By Jean Cohoon / March 23, 2015
“Education was huge to her. That was her mantra: education is everything. She always said that all of her kids were going to college,” Kathy MacLean recalls of her mother, the late Alice Harkin.

Hamilton House Endowment Fund
By Jean Cohoon / March 20, 2015
The class list reads like a college catalog – Spanish, painting, computer, literature – but rather than a college or university campus, these classes are offered at Hamilton House, an “adult learning exchange” on Providence’s East Side. Complementing the more academic offerings are topics as diverse as yoga, bridge, and film courses.

Susan and Jim Garlington Fund
By Jean Cohoon / March 19, 2015
A sense of giving back often is passed from one generation to the next. Such is the case for Susan (Horvitz) Garlington. “My parents were very giving and active volunteers in the community,” Susan explains.

Malcolm Farmer III and Susan L. Farmer Fund
By Jean Cohoon / March 18, 2015
“It was an unbelievable experience, 24 months of rapid growing up that changed everything for me,” Malcolm Farmer says of his work in the 1960s with the Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee in Mississippi.

Barry and Dr. Elaine Fain Fund
By Jean Cohoon / March 17, 2015
“We’ve been part of Providence for a long time,” says Barry Fain of his family who started their first business in the city back in the 1890’s. “My wife Elaine and I consider ourselves so very fortunate that we are able to continue our family’s tradition of charitable giving through this new donor advised fund.”

Sgt. Maxwell R. Dorley Memorial Fund
By Jean Cohoon / March 16, 2015
“You can’t change the world, but you can make a difference” was the philosophy of the late Sgt. Maxwell R. Dorley, shares his mother, Miatta Dorley. “Max was very compassionate and always felt sorry for people who didn’t have much.”

Thank you, volunteer advisors!
By Jean Cohoon / March 13, 2015
Scores of community members assist the Foundation each year with the many facets of our work in meeting the needs of the people of Rhode Island. Thank you, 2014 volunteers, for your dedication and expertise!

James Donaldson Scholarship Fund
By Jean Cohoon / March 13, 2015
“He loved coaching and the kids loved to play for him. He’d tell them, ‘I will help you be as good as you would like to try to be’.” - Jim Donaldson of his father, the late James Donaldson

Julius and Lena DelPapa Memorial Fund
By Jean Cohoon / March 12, 2015
Julius and Lena (Testa) DelPapa immigrated to the States from their native Italy. Julius was a long-time owner of the Julius DelPapa Cement Construction Company in Pawtucket, and the couple raised two children, a son Angelo and a daughter Gloria.

Sister Angela Daniels and Reverend Daniel Trainor Fund for The Genesis Center
By Jean Cohoon / March 11, 2015
Their neighbors’ need for assistance led Sister Angela Daniels and Father Daniel Trainor to co-found what today is The Genesis Center, a multi-service organization that has served more than 7,500 people from 50 countries.

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