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Lynn Taylor is helping RI defeat Hep C
By Jessica David / May 21, 2014 /   Loading Disqus...

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month in the United States, so it seems appropriate to catch you up on the work of Lynn E. Taylor, MD, 2013 Rhode Island Innovation Fellow

Lynn’s project, RHODE ISLAND DEFEATS HEP C aims to make Rhode Island the first state to eliminate Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is a liver disease that results from chronic infection with the hepatitis C virus (HCV). An estimated 5 million Americans are infected, including one in 30 Baby Boomers. Hep C is known as a “silent epidemic,” as symptoms may not appear for many years. (For information on testing services in Rhode Island, visit the RHODE ISLAND DEFEATS HEP C WEBSITE)

Lynn is raising awareness, increasing the reach of testing, and engaging the state’s medical community in more coordinated responses. Her approach has five primary components: awareness, testing, linkage to care, infrastructure for a sustainable model of care, and evaluation. Earlier this year, RID Hep C and renowned graphic artist and RISD grad Shepard Fairey named two winners of its poster design competition:Hayward H. Gatch, IV and Brandon Bruzzi. Their designs are being used to raise awareness around Hep C. And on Friday, May 16, she led a medical educational conference with the Warren Alpert Medical School and in partnership with the RI Department of Health, AIDS Care Ocean State, and others, for physicians and other health care practitioners involved in the diagnosis and management of patients with HCV infection.


Poster designed by Hayward H. Gatch, IV 


Poster designed by Brandon Bruzzi

Lynn was recently honored by the Rhode Island Medical Women’s Association as their 2014 Physician of the Year. Yesterday, the Rhode Island Department of Health bestowed an Excellence in Medicine Award  upon Lynn for her work. Michael Fine, MD, director of the Department of Health, said, “Dr. Taylor’s advocacy for her patients and for hepatitis screening, prevention, and treatment is an inspiration to primary care physicians throughout Rhode Island and on the front lines of public health.” 

Congratulations, Lynn, on your many honors! We are proud to support your efforts to cure Rhode Island of Hep C.

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