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Creating a healthy supply of nurses
By / August 29, 2014 /   Loading Disqus...
The Foundation aims to increase access to and quality of primary care for all Rhode Islanders. One of our key strategies is to increase the number of primary care professionals practicing in Rhode Island. Nurses play a key role in the transformation of the healthcare system, but we are facing a looming shortage. Rhode Island will need approximately 4,000 new nurses by 2020. To grow the number of nurses, we are working with many community partners. 
Through our Fund for a Healthy Rhode Island, the Primary Care Loan Forgiveness Program provides nurse practitioners who make a commitment to practice in Rhode Island up to $40,000 to repay student loans. This program not only ensures that there is steady supply of home-grown professionals to meet our needs, but also encourages nurse practitioners from other states to practice in Rhode Island. 

Ensuring that there is an adequate supply of nurses also depends on producing more nursing school graduates. But, Rhode Island needs more instructors with doctorates to train the next generation. In response, a new program at the University of Rhode Island’s College of Nursing is now offering scholarships to seasoned nurses who want to teach. Launched with funding from URI and us, the scholarship program is 1 of only 14 nationally to be selected to receive support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The scholarships are also an incentive for nurses to pursue graduate degrees earlier, so that they can have long careers in education after earning their PhDs. 

Change requires risk, leadership, innovation, and vision, and nurses have a key leadership role in the transformation of the healthcare system in Rhode Island. The Foundation is proud to support our nurses who play a critical role in primary care in our state as well as ensuring a quality education for future nurses that will serve the next generation of Rhode Islanders. 

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