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Opening doors to Newport culture and history
By Daniel Kertzner / September 10, 2014 /   Loading Disqus...

By this time next summer, you will be able to browse through hundreds of years of Newport history and memorabilia using “Newportal,” a website that will document and promote the city’s vibrant cultural heritage.

Newportal is a collaboration between the Preservation Society of Newport County, Newport Art Museum, Newport Historical Society, Newport Restoration Foundation and Redwood Library & Athenaeum to facilitate public and scholarly access to their collections. 

A small planning grant in 2012 enabled the organizations to lay out a vision for the site. Convinced by what we saw, we committed another $60,000 to underwrite the development, testing, and hosting of the website, as well as staff time from the five nonprofits to oversee and direct the project.

Our support will promote their reputation as a community resource, build their audience and promote the tourism industry by whetting the public’s appetite to visit Newport to see the collections in person. This is a great example of the way technology is driving and shaping how people engage with the arts and culture.

Newportal will give the public a single point of access to all five collections. The organizations will be able to present a more complete cultural and historic story of Newport through their united collections.

That holistic story of Newport’s past will also become more accessible to researchers, scholars, and the general public, ultimately leading to a better understanding and appreciation of Newport’s legacy and its pivotal role in the story of America. Newportal will also facilitate expanded collaboration among the cultural heritage institutions of Newport, and it will increase the potential for additional physical and virtual public programming.

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