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Dorothy Carol Mitchell Charitable Fund
By Jean Cohoon / April 1, 2015 /   Loading Disqus...
Dorothy Mitchell remembers her father as a brilliant man, a gifted music composer who played many instruments, an animal lover, and an experienced sailor, but it was his charitable nature that stands out most in her mind.

“He was a philanthropist and gave to many charities. I admired that about him very much,” Dorothy says of her father, Leeds Mitchell, Jr., who died in 1998.

Through this fund, Dorothy intends to honor her father’s memory and to support local organizations that are important to them. “I grew up with the concept of charity. My mom and dad used to compose musical shows for a group called Off the Ground, and the money would be donated to charity,” Dorothy shares, noting that her mother was “a very beautiful and kind-hearted woman and very intelligent.”

From her mother, Dorothy got her commitment to volunteerism. She volunteered for 10 years with Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island, as well as in the recovery rooms of both Rhode Island Hospital and Miriam Hospital, for Al-Anon in Barrington, and at a Bristol soup kitchen during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. “I’ve always wanted to help people,” Dorothy explains.

“I’m a lot like my dad. He used to call us ‘two peas in a pod’. I inherited his love of music and his musical abilities,” she continues. Dorothy earned a degree in music from the Hartt School of the University of Hartford, with a major in piano and a minor in pipe organ. She teaches private piano lessons and has been a church organist for 42 years, currently at Calvary Baptist Church in Providence.

“My father left a legacy and I, in turn, want to do the same. My father will forever live in our hearts and we will always admire him. For the three of us (Dorothy and her two siblings), he is someone we will always try to emulate. I feel blessed to be financially able to help others. It’s my desire to pay it forward that brought me to the Foundation,” Dorothy concludes.
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