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Economic intersections recommendations released at Make It Happen RI 2.0
By Lauren Paola / January 23, 2014 /   Loading Disqus...


The Rhode Island Foundation and the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation (Commerce RI) today released a new ECONOMIC ACTION AGENDA developed in partnership with hundreds of community and business leaders. 

Hundreds of ideas were distilled into 21 broad recommendations to create jobs and to grow industries in five overarching categories:

  • Increasing Impact of Competitive Advantages: Rhode Island’s assets must be leveraged to create additional economic impacts
  • Promoting Emerging Opportunities: There are emerging economic opportunities in the state that will provide increased job creation potential as they evolve.
  • Supporting Intersections and Connectivity: There are many good things occurring in Rhode Island and an opportunity exists to enhance their impact through better coordination and information sharing.
  • Building Capacity and the Business Ecosystem: Rhode Island has opportunities and needs related to its business ecosystem, which must be addressed to improve the job creation potential of all companies and institutions.
  • Supporting the Talent Pipeline: Rhode Island must enhance and grow the capacity of its workforce training capabilities and the services it provides to employers.

Read the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY or the FULL REPORT. The recommendations are based on the results of more than 20 focus groups that identified unique market opportunities at the intersections of manufacturing and design, the food value chain, logistics and connectivity, technology, biotechnology and public health, marine and water, the natural resource-based economy, finance and insurance, tourism and hospitality, arts and culture, and the business ecosystem. 

The process was led by Fourth Economy Consulting. The recommendations will inform the RHODEMAP RI comprehensive planning process, which will result in an economic development plan for the state by October 2014. In the meantime, we hope that progress on many of these actions will begin (or continue)! 

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