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Supporting Recovery leads to healthy lives
By / August 21, 2015 /   Loading Disqus...
Ensuring that supports are available to people in recovery should be as much a part of living a healthy life as encouraging annual physicals. Reducing the stigma associated with substance-use disorders will improve access to supports for those in recovery, and that benefits everyone.

That’s why we just awarded a $75,000 grant to a new coalition of nearly 40 business, community, and health advocates that is dedicated to improving the health of Rhode Island’s workforce by changing the way people think about, talk about, and treat substance use disorders.

Recovery Works RI will use our funding to support its work advocating for expanded access to recovery supports for those living with substance use disorders as well as highlighting the economic impact of and the costs associated with addiction in Rhode Island. Plans call for recruiting new members, hosting community forums, conducting a survey of employers and the community to identify the economic impact of substance use disorders, and conducting a study on the long-term benefits of recovery support services.

“With substance use disorder rates as high as they are in Rhode Island, this is an issue that affects every business and every workplace in Rhode Island,” says the coalition’s Lisa Tomasso. “Substance use disorders are chronic diseases and should be treated as such. By changing public understanding of this issue, we seek to expand the recovery support services available in the workplace and in the community.”

We are glad to support the coalition’s work ensuring that all Rhode Islanders have lifetime access to recovery support services so they can succeed in their recovery and lead happy, productive, and healthy lives.
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