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Atrion Charitable Fund
By Jean Cohoon / September 8, 2015 /   Loading Disqus...
“We’ve always believed our success was dependent on the people around us and having an impact on those people,” states Tim Hebert, CEO at Atrion, an IT services company headquartered in Warwick.

Founded in 1987, Atrion has been guided for nearly 30 years by four business principles: vision, purpose, values, and giving back. The company’s more than 300 employees serve clients as far south as Virginia and as far north as Canada.

Tim says Atrion’s purpose is to have a positive impact on three unique groups: its employees, its clients, and the community, with Tim defining community as “everything that’s not the first two.”

Both the company and Tim’s personal philosophies are based on sharing time, talent, and treasure. Tim’s time in the community includes serving as past president and CEO of the nonprofit Tech Collective, mentoring young adults and fellow business leaders, teaching leadership programs at Year Up, and being involved in schools and after-school activities.

Tim has a passion for leadership and in assisting others in developing leadership skills. “Every person in the state can make a difference,” he believes, noting that Atrion’s internship and apprentice programs, as well as mentoring, sharing best practices, and workforce development can have a great impact. “I’ve had people in my life who reached out and helped me. I’m appreciative of that, and now giving back to others is part of who I am. I get great satisfaction from it,” he notes.

The strategic sharing of treasure, Tim believes, can be the most challenging of the three. “Our corporate advised fund at the Foundation is very attractive in helping us with this,” Tim explains, adding that the goal is to have full engagement from employees and clients. Tim sees the company supporting smaller, primarily Rhode Island organizations – “places where we can have a direct impact” – and focusing on youth development, leadership development, and helping the disadvantaged.

“These areas lend themselves to where we can develop personal relationships and provide opportunities for giving time and talent, as well as treasure. This combination (of resource sharing) allows us to have the greatest impact,” Tim concludes.
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