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Thank you for all that you do
By Neil Steinberg / October 2, 2015 /   Loading Disqus...

I would like to thank all the nonprofits in Rhode Island for all that you do to serve the Rhode Island community. As you know, the mission of the Rhode Island Foundation is to be a proactive community and philanthropic leader dedicated to meeting the needs of the people of Rhode Island. As we look forward to our Centennial next year, we continue to work with an ever growing group of generous donors to provide resources to support Rhode Island. We know that our partnership with the nonprofit community doing the “boots on the ground” work day in and day out is so critically important to our mission. 

Rhode Island is a great state and we have tremendous assets along with real challenges and opportunities. From arts and culture to healthy lives, from a commitment to sustaining the environment to economic security, from education opportunities for all to providing basic human services and I could go on, the leadership and dedication provided by our nonprofits is such an important part of the fabric of Rhode Island. While we cannot always provide grant support or capacity building through our Initiative for Nonprofit Excellence to every organization, we always value and champion the entire sector and embrace our rich history and diversity to make Rhode Island a better place. 

As we have made efforts to improve the economy in Rhode Island the past few years, it was with the knowledge that in tough times the needs go up and the resources go down. That gap is tough for all of us to fill. So we will push forward, hopeful and optimistic, that we can work together to take Rhode Island forward for ALL the people of Rhode Island. As always we value your feedback and feel free to get in touch with me. 

Thank you for all that you do.

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