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Furthering our collective impact
By Daniel Kertzner / October 7, 2015 /   Loading Disqus...
Increasingly, the Foundation seeks to partner with our donors as we work to find solutions to the complex problems facing the state. Over the last few years, the Foundation has offered our donors the opportunity to invest in grant opportunities with us. We call this “co-funding”. It’s proven to be a win-win-win approach. Donors get to further their philanthropic objectives by co-funding proposals that have been vetted by RIF grant staff, the Foundation gets to stretch its grant dollars further, and most importantly, more dollars flow out to the community to address critical needs.

In the last year, co-funding from generous donors has allowed us to nearly double the investments in support of basic human needs. And while these investments are about improving the community, they are also about changing the trajectory of the lives of individual Rhode Islanders. Whether providing rental assistance to help keep people in their home or providing supportive housing to move people out of homelessness, the bottom line is that when donors chose to invest with us on grant opportunities, we are able to reach more Rhode Islanders and impact their lives for the better. The donors can feel confident that their cofunding investment has been well-vetted by Foundation staff for maximum positive impact.

Together, we're making Rhode Island a better place.

     – Daniel Kertzner



We know that our donors are not only generous, but passionate about their interests and making Rhode Island a better place. Through co-funding, we strengthen that connection to the community. Whether dance programs for inner city young people or job training programs for underserved young adults, donors get to see projects that they care about in action and receive reports on the progress of programs investments.

Partnership underscores much of what we do at the Rhode Island Foundation. We are excited to work with our donors in this way. By working together, we can further our collective impact and achieve greater good.

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