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Eunice and Rubin Zeidman Fund
By Jean Cohoon / October 16, 2015 /   Loading Disqus...
Eunice and Rubin Zeidman were active members of Temple Am David in Warwick. After Eunice’s death in 1977, Rubin wished to pay tribute to a “sweet, kind, and beautiful” woman. “He raised all the money, started the Eunice Zeidman Pre-school at Temple Am David, and established a charitable trust to pay teacher salaries,” explains May-Ronny Zeidman who married Rubin 14 years after Eunice’s death.

“They both worked incredibly hard for the community and really helped build Temple Am David,” May-Ronny continues, noting that Rubin went to Temple seven days a week.

“He was an incredibly charitable individual. Except for a car, there wasn’t anything he cared about owning,” Mary-Ronny says of Rubin, who died in 1999 at age 81.

Born in Quincy, MA, Rubin came to Rhode Island to work for Beacon Records in Providence. He later owned and operated Rhody Records until his retirement. “He came from very humble beginnings, but became very successful in the record distribution business,” May-Ronny shares.

“Ruby just gave and gave. If you mentioned you liked something, the next time he saw you, he had it for you, and anything I wanted to do, we did,” May-Ronny recalls. “Every day was like my birthday. He was an incredible person, and he loved to sing and dance.”

“He also was very funny,” she continues, remembering how Rubin would call someone at 6 AM and tell them to be at Temple in 20 minutes for morning prayers or that the building needed a repair and he would ask when he could expect to receive a check. “But he was always there when you needed him,” she recalls.

May-Ronny transferred a portion of the Eunice & Rubin Zeidman Charitable Trust to create this designated fund for the Holocaust through the Arts Program at the Holocaust Education and Resource Center of Rhode Island. The program teaches about the Holocaust through movies, plays, dance, theatre, and art exhibits.

“Ruby’s goal for the fund was for student education and Jewish education. This fulfills his intent as the Holocaust through the Arts Program reaches thousands of students and educators,” May-Ronny explains.
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