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Five Questions with Endowment Holder Roger Williams Park Zoo
By Jean Cohoon / February 26, 2014 /   Loading Disqus...
Dr. Jeremy Goodman, executive director, Roger Williams Park Zoo

1. Why is it important for your organization to have an endowment?
The Roger Williams Park Zoo has been around since the 1890’s. Clearly long term planning is critical for success. We need to ensure the Zoo is around for another 250+ years, and having the available operating expenses is essential. No one can predict economic times. We need to be prepared for all kinds of circumstances.

2. Why did you choose to partner with the Foundation?
The Rhode Island Foundation has an excellent reputation and has continued to help and teach us the ropes of development, charitable giving, and endowments. Due to its excellent track record, it was a clear cut choice that they have the best model for our continued success.

3. What do you hope to accomplish through your endowment?
We would like to see our endowment grow to a point where there would be enough endowment income to be a significant source of our operating revenue.

4. Would you recommend that other organizations partner with the Foundation?
Of course we would. We demand the best and that is what other organizations want as well.

5. What is your hope for Rhode Island?
This state needs to continue to rebound economically. We need to realize our potential, be leaders, innovators and a model for success in all that we do. In particular, we expect that the Zoo will continue to be the #1 zoo in the region, and that it will help lead the charge in the state’s recovery.
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