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Philanthropy inspires us
By Jim Sanzi / July 26, 2016 /   Loading Disqus...


We would not be here celebrating 100 years if we did not have the support of generous, innovative philanthropists – donors of all shapes and sizes from all over the state giving, both during and after their lifetimes. They have built the endowment we have today.

That is why we invited five of our partners who are passionate about giving to share their unique stories and experiences at our recent Centennial Community Conversation. Linda Fain, Malcolm Farmer III, Alan Harlam, Bhikhaji Maneckji, and Anne Sage talked about the significance and meaning of philanthropy – why they give, what inspires and motivates them to give. They pointed out Rhode Island's strengths in fostering a sense of community and civic engagement. And, they offered ideas to help nonprofit organizations more effectively raise the capital needed to continue the valuable work they are doing in our state.


"Volunteerism is essential to philanthropy – it involves social conscience, kindness, and compassion, but the basis is generosity of spirit."
– Linda Fain


"Philanthropy is one of the necessary components of being a full member of your community. If you don't participate, something is missing from your own well-being. After Harvard Law School, I spent two years as a civil rights lawyer in Mississippi. I was so fulfilled and motivated that I became completely committed to it."                                      – Malcolm Farmer III

"What motivates me to give goes back to the time I spent at Amos House. There I was able to understand the complex problems that hold many people back from realizing their potential. The nonprofit sector is under tremendous pressure. We need to embrace collaboration and celebrate success."    – Alan Harlam

"Life is good to me and I need to give back. If I don't do it and you don't do it, who will? See what needs to be done and do it. Act by example – and don't be shy. Talk about giving, be proud of being a philanthropist."    – Bhikhaji Maneckji

"Philanthropy is a learned behavior. There isn't room for complacency in Rhode Island – but there is room to grow. Nonprofits need to be more collaborative; the business climate needs to grow to make more room for philanthropy."   – Anne Sage

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