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Elizabeth Z. Chace Fund
By Jean Cohoon / January 11, 2017 /   Loading Disqus...
“I’m doing this because of my love for Rhode Island. This state is my home, and I’ve had an incredible life here. This is something that forever will give back to Rhode Island,” Elizabeth “Liz” Chace says of her decision to establish this donor advised fund.

Liz has been an active member of the community for the nearly 50 years she has lived in Rhode Island, and the organizations with which she has been involved are a virtual “who’s who” of nonprofits in the Ocean State.

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Liz came to Rhode Island as a student at Brown University’s Pembroke College. After two years, she married and soon started a family that came to include four children.

She later completed her degree in urban sociology at the University of Maine and worked in Portland as a community organizer. “You’d see people in such great need. I was more interested at that point in social change,” Liz explains. That focus continued when she returned to Rhode Island in 1968. She taught at the Concentrated Employment Program, worked with Wiggins Village and the Opportunities Industrialization Center, and was a founding member of the Providence Corporation.

In 1972, then a single mother, she began working in real estate, going on to co-found Residential Properties in 1981. When she retired in 1997, the firm employed more than 150 brokers.

Liz’ early community service was on the boards of Wiggins Village and the John Hope Settlement House. More recently, she co-chaired, with her late husband, Malcolm “Kim” Chace, a $25 million campaign for Trinity Repertory. At Brown, she co-chaired a $1.6 billion capital campaign, served on the board and as vice president of the Brown Sports Foundation, and was a member of both the board of trustees and board of fellows. An active supporter of Planned Parenthood, Liz also has served on the boards of Providence Country Day School and the Rhode Island Foundation, the latter from 1998 to 2006. Her focus as a Foundation board member, she recalls, was “to make sure we funded programs for the underprivileged.” It’s a legacy she hopes her children will carry on.
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