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Nadler Family Fund
By Jean Cohoon / December 31, 2013 /   Loading Disqus...
Both Charles Fenger Nadler, Jr. and Louise Mauran Nadler are proud to be able to say that they were raised in families with long histories of community collaboration and volunteerism. In looking at the future, they want to help to ensure the continuation of those legacies. Although they have lived in the Midwest and overseas, Louise’s family’s long tradition in Rhode Island made the Foundation a natural choice for their family’s fund and their hopes for the future involvement of their three adult children.

In the 1980’s as young parents, they created a family fund when the tax laws changed in order to be able to put aside appreciated securities and create a framework to protect their ability as donors to continue forward towards a responsible future. As Louise explains, “We consider this account a legacy fund as we intend to continue to contribute towards future value and only begin to make grants when the timing seems appropriate. We will continue to grant from other funds at this point.

“In general, our focus has been on education, conservation, and medicine but as important as a focus is, we also want our children to feel vested wherever their lives take them. Our daughters, Augusta and Lucie (both educators), and our son, Hunter (a banker), are involved as donors and volunteers with nonprofit organizations, and we want them to be able to continue making contributions to organizations that matter to them. They know it’s important to us that they continue to evolve as responsible donors and active volunteers.”
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