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Maurania/Rainbow Fund
By Jean Cohoon / December 31, 2013 /   Loading Disqus...
The Duncan Hunter Mauran Family has two funds at the Rhode Island Foundation: the Duncan H. and Louise Safe Mauran donor advised fund, established in 1986, to make donations to charities and causes they cared about; and this new Maurania/Rainbow Fund.

Duncan “Hunt” Mauran was owner and president of The Providence Steamboat Company, a towboat company whose tugs were familiar around Narragansett Bay, each with a gold eagle on top of the pilot house. Shortly before his death in 2005, he was pleased and proud to have had built a state of the art tractor tug which he named "Rainbow", in hopes there might be a "pot of gold" along with the new technology.

Two years after Hunt's death, the family sold the company to McAllister Towing and Transportation of New York. With the proceeds from the sale they established the Maurania Corporation. His widow, Loulie Mauran Groton, urged the directors, four of their daughters, to start a fund at the Rhode Island Foundation because she feels it is a well run, caring foundation. They call this fund "Maurania/Rainbow" in Duncan’s memory. Loulie says the family all feel very lucky and setting up this fund is a way to share what they have with others.

Their daughter, Marion Mariner, agrees, saying. "For my sisters and me, although we live in different states, this is a wonderful opportunity to support the places and institutions that are near and dear to our hearts. We all get along really well, and we have the same goals. We all tend to support such organizations and causes as libraries, women's services, medical research, land trusts, educational institutions, and theater.”

Marion lives in Providence, Louise Nadler in Marion, MA, Harriette (Bunny) Merrill in Morrisville, VT, and Margaret Zuccotti in Jenkintown, PA.

"We just are very, very lucky and giving is an important part of what we do," Marion concludes.
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