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Tiverton Library Endowment Fund
By Jean Cohoon / January 16, 2018 /   Loading Disqus...

Opening in the summer of 2015, the Tiverton Public Library on Roosevelt Avenue provides local residents with all the traditional services of a public library, while also serving as a community meeting place and offering a myriad of activities for patrons of all ages. “We’re very, very proud of the library,” states Stuart Horwitz, president of the Tiverton Library Foundation, noting the building’s functionality, its creative lay-out, and overall beauty. He adds that the number of both in-person and virtual users of the Library and its services “basically doubled” in the first year after the new building opened.

Stuart acknowledges the “successful, fairly robust campaign” to fund the construction, with support received from individuals, organizations, and foundations, as well as the state and Town of Tiverton. At the same time, he cautions that the work to support the library is not done.

"The Tiverton Library Foundation (TLF) is designed to bring in the big dollars for the long-term health of the library,” he explains. He identifies three elements of the Library Foundation’s mission: special projects, operating support, and endowment.

TLF currently is focused on securing funding for two special projects. The first is a series of two large mosaic murals that “depict the essence of Tiverton” and are engaging community members in the design, production, and installation processes. The second is an outdoor garden with a gazebo and chess tables that will be adjacent to the Library’s teen room. “We want to keep the teens involved and are looking to create a really cool outdoor space and provide additional programming for them,” Stuart says.

TLF’s second role is to support the operational and capital needs of the Library, supplementing current sources of income as needed.

The third aspect of TLF’s mission, Stuart explains, is building up this endowment. “We would like to put millions away for posterity,” he says optimistically. “We’re committed to ensuring the long-term vitality of the Library. By working with the (Rhode Island) Foundation, we’re able to gain an investment expertise that we don’t have, but are so grateful for.”

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