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Patricia and Steele Blackall Fund, Applegate Fund, Frederick S. Blackall IV Fund, and Scone Fund
By Jean Cohoon / January 25, 2018 /   Loading Disqus...

The Blackall family has been associated with the Foundation for nearly half a century. Patricia Blackall, who died in 2002, served on the Rhode Island Foundation’s board of directors from 1972 to 1990. She and her husband, Steele, established their first fund at the Foundation during Patty’s tenure on the board.

“My mom really liked what the Foundation did. She enjoyed her time on the board and she always felt she was listened to and that her opinions were valued,” states Grenville Blackall.

Steele died in 2017; his estate plan assures the couple’s philanthropic legacy will continue through the establishment of a designated fund and donor advised funds for each of their three children.

“The Rhode Island Foundation was really important to them and I’m so excited that he had the foresight to set up these funds for us,” says the Blackall’s daughter, Holly Applegate.

Grenville continues, “My father wanted to pass on more than money. He wanted to pass on a practice or belief…something that would encourage his kids to contribute to the community and hopefully carry that on with our children.”

His brother, Frederick S. “Rick” Blackall IV agrees. “He felt very strongly about giving back and that this was a nice way to get us all more involved.”

The Foundation is only one of a long list of community organizations that the elder Blackalls supported. Among them, United Way, the former Woonsocket Hospital, and the Woonsocket-based YWCA Rhode Island.

“Education and the schools my dad was involved with were very important to him,” Holly says, noting that his alma maters (Yale University and Harvard Business School) and Patti’s alma mater (Connecticut College) are among the schools to benefit from the Blackall’s designated fund.

Their children’s donor advised funds reflect their individual interests, from theatre and arts organizations, to youth/youth sports, to helping the working poor.

“I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful this feels. It’s as though we’re carrying on something that was so important to our parents,” Holly exclaims.

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