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2014 Nonprofit Best Practice Awards - now accepting nominations!
By Jill Pfitzenmayer / March 25, 2014 /   Loading Disqus...

2014 Nonprofit Best Practice Awards

Sponsored by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island


The Initiative for Nonprofit Excellence (INE) best practice award program honors the passion and impact of five Rhode Island nonprofit organizations. Each award includes an unrestricted grant of $1,000 and a tuition waiver for up to two board/staff members in any INE program for up to a year after the award. Best practice award recipients will receive special recognition at the Rhode Island Foundation annual meeting and showcase their work at a reception and poster session hosted by our corporate sponsor, Blue Cross & Blue Shield Rhode Island. Interested organizations should complete a self-nomination form. Decisions will be made by a committee of experienced professionals familiar with the nonprofit sector. 

2014 best practice awards categories:

Advocacy: Changing the Game

This award recognizes a nonprofit organization whose work has recently affected significant public policy change through the education and mobilization of constituents, the general public, and/or public policy decision makers. 

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Organizational leadership: Setting the Course

This award recognizes a nonprofit board or executive team that has played a key role in strengthening an organization through clarifying the strategic direction of the organization, establishing an effective partnership with board and staff to achieve the organizational goals, securing the necessary resources to meet those goals, and establishing and instituting clear policies and procedures for accountability.

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Collaboration: Collective Impact

This award recognizes the lead organization that was the catalyst for an effort by two or more nonprofit organizations that partnered to address a compelling problem that could not have been solved as effectively by the individual organization(s).

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Communications: Telling Your Story

This award recognizes a nonprofit organization that has effectively strengthened the organization through clear and strategic messaging, channels, tools and tactics, and through identification of and outreach to target audiences, in order to expand resources to the population served.

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Innovation: Finding New Ways

This award recognizes a nonprofit organization that has utilized new models, solutions or strategies to adapt to a changing environment and/or to find new ways of solving problems faced by the organization or the populations it serves.

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2014 award program timeline:

  • March 25: Announce best practice awards program via INE e-news
  • April 25: Applications due
  • May 6: Committee meeting to review applications
  • May 13: Best practice awards announced
  • May 29: Awardees recognized at RIF annual meeting
  • June 4: Best practice awards showcase, held at BCBSRI


Special thanks to the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network for providing inspiration for our new categories through their Nonprofit Excellence Award program.

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