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A named charitable endowment allows you to create a lasting legacy for you, your family, or to memorialize a loved one. Our professional development staff is ready to assist you in fulfilling your philanthropic vision.

Corporate advised fundholder Todd Blount with employees of Blount Fine Foods
 Of this corporate advised fund, Blount Fine Foods President F. Nelson "Todd" Blount explains, “The goal is that we, and that includes a team of employees, will work with the Rhode Island Foundation to determine where the money will go."
You can establish and name one of the following types of funds

  • Unrestricted
    Leaves the choice of grant recipients to the Foundation to meet the needs of the day.
  • Field of interest
    Targets an area of interest, such as the environment, education, or a geographic region.
  • Designated
    Identifies one or more particular nonprofit organizations for perpetual support.
  • Scholarships
    More than 150 scholarship funds currently are helping to educate our leaders of tomorrow. Scholarships may be either field of interest (to support students in specific communities or fields of study) or designated (for specific high schools and/or colleges/universities).
  • Donor advised
    Enables a donor and named successors to recommend nonprofit organizations to receive grants.
  • Corporate advised
    Allows a corporation to recommend nonprofit organizations to receive grants.
  • Organizational endowment
    Enables a nonprofit organization to receive grants and take advantage of professionally managed investment and greater security.
  • Supporting Organization
    For private foundations and larger donors, creates a separate public charity like a “subsidiary” of the Rhode Island Foundation, benefiting from the Foundation’s community knowledge and professional philanthropic services.

You can give any of the following

  • Cash
    A cash gift is the easiest to give, and your contribution will qualify for maximum deductibility for income and estate tax purposes.
  • Securities
    Stocks, bonds, or mutual funds may be used to establish, or add to, a fund. If your securities have appreciated, it is to your advantage from a tax-perspective to give them to the Foundation rather than to sell them and contribute the proceeds to the Foundation.
  • Real estate
    The Foundation will accept, on a case-by-case basis, gifts of real estate unencumbered by a mortgage and appraised at $250,000 or more.

The Foundation accepts other complex or hard to value assets on a case-by-case basis.

Donor stories

Field of interest fund

John Duhamel

John Richard Duhamel Fund for Animals

“There are so many animals out there that need homes. You can’t save them all, but I want to do what I can to make an animal’s life better," explains John Duhamel.

Designated Fund

Joanne Fitts

Joanne Fitts Memorial Scholarship Fund

“She was passionate about sports of all kinds and often said that all of life’s important lessons could be taught in sports," says Pat Burbank.

Donor advised fund 

Joanne and Richard Friday

Friday Charitable Fund

“We’re very lucky to have what we have and be where we are. There are so many people who do not have a lot and need help,” states Richard Friday.

Organizational endowment

Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick

Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick Fund

"We take the time to care and to help instill the right values in a child," shares Lara D'Antuono, executive director, Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick.


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