Strategy Grants

Strategy Grants support projects that address significant community challenges and strive for impact, with an emphasis on serving disadvantaged Rhode Islanders. Strategy Grants are awarded in eight key funding areas.

Here is some important information about Strategy Grants:

  • For each area, we have developed a specific focus, an important issue or concern that we believe our available grant resources can most effectively address. The majority of grants awarded in each sector will fall inside these focus areas. This allows the Foundation to cluster grant investments for maximum impact – creating opportunities for more productive evaluation, convening of grantees, and other types of assistance.
  • The Foundation provides general operating support to organizations that are central to progress in one or more of our key areas, have a good business model, strong leadership,sound financials, and solid evaluative and planning practices. Typically, general operating is per invitation of the program officer. In the future, we expect to see a mix of general support and project-based funding, all working to generate well-defined outcomes.
  • The Foundation reviews Strategy Grant applications on a rolling basis throughout the year.
  • We rarely commit to multi-year grant awards.
  • In general, the timeframe from application to funding decision will be six to ten weeks.

To apply for a Strategy Grant, follow this process:

  1. Organizations are required to discuss the ideas related to their Strategy Grant proposal prior to submitting an application. Contact the staff member assigned to your sector to schedule a pre-application meeting.
  2. Organizations applying in the arts and culture sector only must complete information for the Rhode Island Cultural Data Project.
  3. Applications will not be considered from organizations with overdue grant reports.
  4. Prepare your application by completing the following:
    * If you already have started this online application, please log in to your account page to edit the application that is in progress.
  5. Submit your application. We require electronic submission of all applications. Please do not send duplicate copies by email, mail, or hand-delivery. When you submit your application, you will receive an acknowledgment and tracking number by email.


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