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Thank you, volunteer advisors!
By Jean Cohoon / March 11, 2016 /   Loading Disqus...
Scores of community members assist the Foundation each year with the many facets of our work in meeting the needs of the people of Rhode Island.

We thank all those volunteers, listed below, who assisted us in 2015 on board committees, on advisory groups for Foundation initiatives, and as advisors on scholarship and other committee advised funds.

Your dedication and expertise are truly appreciated!

Audit Committee
Ned Handy
Mary Lovejoy
Fred Butler (Ex Officio)
Neil Steinberg (Ex Officio)

Development Committee
Mark Alperin
Peter Sullivan
George Graboys
Brenda Bolster
Patricia Flanagan, MD
Marie Langlois
Kevin Murphy
Fred Butler, Acting Chair
Neil Steinberg (Ex Officio)

Finance Committee
Cynthia Stewart Reed, Chair
Meredith A. Curren
Polly Daly
Kenneth N. Kermes
Fred Butler (Ex Officio)
Neil Steinberg (Ex Officio)

Investment Committee

Marie J. Langlois, Chair
David M. Hirsch
Jerrold Dorfman
Mary Lovejoy
Donald Quattrucci
Peter Damon
Fred Butler (Ex Officio)
Neil Steinberg (Ex Officio)

Nominative and Corporate Governance Committee
The Honorable Ronald K. Machtley, Chair
Polly Daly
Marie Langlois
The Honorable Ernest C. Torres
Fred Butler (Ex Officio)
Neil Steinberg (Ex Officio)

Professional Advisory Council
Rogean B. Makowski, ChFC, Chair
Ernie Almonte, CPA
Jason E. Archambault, CFP
Eric F. Archer, Esq.
Melissa K. Burnett-Testa, Esq.
Martha Conn Hultzman, CPA
Sarah (Sally) T. Dowling, Esq.
Alan H. Litwin, CPA
Jose Lopes, ChFC
Robert Mancini
William L. Palmisciano, ChFC
Joseph J. Roszkowski, Jr., Esq.
Paul M. Sanford, Esq.
Amanda Tarzwell, Esq.
James (Jamie) L. Worrell, JD, PRP

Black Philanthropy Initiative Committee
The Honorable Edward C. Clifton
Jason Fowler
Beverly Ledbetter
Linda Newton
The Honorable Walter Stone

Equity Action Advisory Committee
Jean E. Burke
Marie Donabella
Michael Grabo
Jack Martin
Annie Silvia
Jason Tranchida
Kayla Wingert

Newport County Advisory Committee
John Ellis
William Harvey
Kristen Humphrey
Victoria Johnson
John Murphy
John Trifero

Initiative for Nonprofit Excellence Best Practice Awards Selection Committee
Carolyn Belisle
Deb Debare
Joanna Detz
Meredith Gregory
Dan Levinson
Allendre McGovern
Jill Pfitzenmayer
Joanna Read

Rhode Island Innovation Fellowship Selection Panel
Neil D. Steinberg, Chair
Victor Capellan
Janet Coit
Patricia Flanagan
Theresa Moore
Aidan Petrie
Dan Shedd

Rhode Island Primary Care Educational Loan Repayment Committee
James Carney, PA-C
Andrea Galgay
Jane A. Hayward
Peter Hollmann
Rebecca Kislak
Yvette Mendez
Donna Policastro
David Robison
Dr. Diane Siedlecki
Gail Walker

Technology Advisory Team
Tony Allison
Thomas Chase
Stephen DeRosa
Owen Johnson
Dean L. Patterson

Advisors on scholarship and other committee advised funds
Chuck Adams
Barbara Allen
Kathleen Alperin
Peter August
Toby Ayers
Renee Bailey
Peter Bancroft
Susan Bellaire
Sherilyn Brown
Ronald Caniglia
Tony Carlone
Patricia Carlson
Gail Carney
Nancy Carriuolo
Susan Church
Robert Closter
Michael Coan
Jennifer Coccio
Charles Cofone
Clarkson Collins
Ellen Conroy
Nancy Corkery
Michelle Cortez Harkins
Joan Countryman
Isabel Coyle
David Craig
James D’Ambra
Robert DeBlois
Edward DeCristofaro
Vanessa Del Giudice
Richard Delgado
Sandra DelSesto
Donna DeLucia
Penelope Dennehy
Christopher Dennis
John Desmarais
Melissa Devine
Anita DeWitt
Barbara Dickinson
Donna DiMichele
Benjamin Edwards
Marilyn Edwards
Robert Edwards, Jr.
Susan Elder
Grace Eudenbach
Amanda Evens
Ellen Ewens
Betty Faella
Philomena Fayanjuola
Anthony Ferraro
Timothy Flanagan
Francyne Fontaine
Scott Fowler
Rupert Friday
Nat Gaffett
Victor Gaspar
Betty Gilbert
The Hon. Maureen McKenna Goldberg
Cynthia Goldsmith
Clarence Gough
Linda Nightingale Greenwood
David Gregg
Mary Grinavic
Denise Guernon
Robert Guernon
Joan Haas
Gail Hall
Stephen Hay
H. Dennis Heinz
Cathy Holmstrom
Roberta Hopkins
Junior Jabie
John Jacobsen
Theodore Jakubowski
Doug Jeffrey
Christine Jenkins
Tony Johnson
Deborah Johnson
Victoria Johnson
Mack Johnston
Kathleen Kelly
Mary Ann Killilea
Heemong Kim
Judi King
Albert Klyberg
Curtis Koren
Jay Lacouture
Rachel Lapkin
Melissa Lipa
James Malachowski
Ralph Malafronte
Luisa Maloof
Marta Martinez
Joel McFadden
Leslie McKnight
Holly McLear
Elizabeth McNab
Angelo Mendillo
Charlotte Metcalf
David Milner
Ginger Milner
Lois Monteiro
Kevin Murphy
Gretchen Needham
Dana Newbrook
Linda Newton
Patricia Nolan
Janet O’Connor
Anne Ott
Suzanne Paton
Elaine Perry
Marie Petrarca
Blake Phelan
Michele Phelan
Cynthia Pires
Barry Preston
Janice Primiano
Maureen Quackenbush
Cristiana Quinn
Herbert Rakatansky
Vanessa Ramos
Roberta Richman
Tia Ristaino-Siegel
Nancy Roberts
Olivia Rodrigues
Delia Rodriguez-Masjoan
Elinor Rosevear
Marjorie Sa’adah
Joseph Sabetta
Tony Sanchez
Patricia Sanford
Mathies Santos
Zahir Shaikh
Julie Sharpe
Michael Shields
Els Shine
Matthew Simeone
Raymond Simone
Robert Sirhal
Robert Smith
Mary Alice Smith
Mary Ann Sorrentino
Lillian Sparfven
Catherine Sparks
Cathy Speer
Susan Starkweather
R. Gwenn Stearn
Joyce Stevos
Terry Sullivan
Lawrence Taft
David Tedeschi
Professor John Terry
Louis Toro
Donna Trinque
Brian VanHouwe
Ruth Vann
Elizabeth Vargas
Karen Voci
Kenneth Walker
Carol Wardwell
Sylvia Weber
Walter Wilks
Paul Wright
Carol Young
Amy Young
Cornel Young
Arthur Zarrella
Laura Zimmermann
Melvin Zurier
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