A major musical education program

In 1954, with a grant from the Foundation, the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra first organized a Philharmonic Youth Orchestra ‘as a part of a major musical education program.’

The plan called for an orchestra made up of boys and girls from twelve to twenty-one years of age coming from throughout the state, on recommendation of music teachers in public, parochial and private schools as their best students:

‘The overall purpose is to give worthy students an opportunity to play in an orchestra ensemble that would be superior in quality to anything that might be available in their local school. This opportunity would benefit not only the student but the local school of orchestra as well, for one of the rules of admission to the Youth Orchestra is that every applicant must continue to play in his own school ensemble as well.’ Ultimately it would serve as a training ground for talented students enabling them to graduate into the Philharmonic Orchestra itself.’

Over half a century later, the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra Music School continues to serve the children of Rhode Island encouraging a lifelong engagement with music through comprehensive music education and community partnership programs. Quality, access, diversity, and collaboration are core values of the program that has expanded programming and lessons since out initial grant. Dedicated teachers, conductors and coaches include members of the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra and graduates & faculty of the best college music programs in the U.S.


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