A catalyst for change

Launched in 2012, the Civic Leadership Fund allows the Rhode Island Foundation to go beyond traditional grant making to serve as a leader for critical or emerging issues in the state. Through CLF, we commission research, convene discussions, advocate for changes in public policy, and bring experts to Rhode Island to connect with local practitioners. Our goal: to encourage civic-minded people to step forward to work with us to solve stubborn problems.

Over the past four years, the Fund continues to grow, serving as a catalyst for positive change in Rhode Island. It provides valuable annual support that allows the Foundation to respond to timely opportunities and produce results quickly.

The Civic Leadership Fund enables us to seize fresh opportunities, meet emerging challenges, and continue our work as a connector and a convener. We believe that when committed citizens come together, creative and meaningful change can happen.

"Yes, there are big challenges, but we have bold ambitions, inspiring examples, strong partners, and a proud history upon which to build. Let’s make it happen, Rhode Island."

- Neil Steinberg

One Union Station
Providence, RI 02903


(401) 274-4564

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