A father’s philanthropic legacy

“We were so lucky to grow up in the family we did,” exclaims Anne Sage, remembering her happy childhood. “Our parents enjoyed everything about each other. They were not only in love, not only best friends, but they also laughed at the same things.” Anne’s mother, Barbara Sage, remembers when her husband, George, established this fund at the Foundation as a surprise to his children.

George Sage was one of the most beloved people of his generation in Rhode Island. A gifted businessman who parlayed one bus route into the wildly successfully Bonanza Bus Company, Mr. Sage was philanthropic throughout his life and quietly – but deliberately – planned a legacy of giving that will benefit Rhode Islanders in perpetuity. From the tympani section of the Rhode Island Philharmonic – he considered it the symphony’s “heartbeat” – to the students of St. Andrews School and Community Prep, he rooted for the underdog and found ways to shine a spotlight on the importance of giving without ever seeking the limelight for himself.

Reflecting on her father’s wishes in naming his children advisors to this fund, Anne remarks, “This was dad’s way of keeping us involved in his passion for giving back in Rhode Island, and his way of letting us know he trusted us to carry out his wishes. We were blessed by his generosity, and now we have the responsibility to carry his spirit forward.”

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