Connecting community and institutions

As part of its commitment to support the local arts community, in 2013 the RISD Museum organized Locally Made, the first large survey of work from the greater Providence region in more than two decades. The most experimental component of Locally Made, called “One Room,” transformed one gallery into a multifaceted programming space designed to showcase and support experimentation and engagement between local artists and the public.

“One Room” gave more than 250 artists, designers, makers, performers, and other community members an unprecedented role in developing, curating, and facilitating collaborative workshops and participatory activities, blurring the line between artist and audience, and exploring new ways to activate museum space. The four-month exhibition offered participants a direct, often hands-on experience with how artists and makers think, work, and create.

We were proud to support “One Room,” which was a pilot project for the RISD Museum. Its goals – to shine a light on local and regional resources, to engage a broader, more diverse audience, and to test innovative and replicable models for promoting collaboration – are priorities and strategies that we continue to embrace.

With our support, the RISD Museum was able to deepen its relationship with local and regional artists, paving the way for future collaborations. “One Room” provided valuable experience to the museum in planning, developing, and implementing such an ambitious and complex exhibition. With this knowledge and these relationships, the Museum can continue to challenge more traditional notions of who is served by museums and explore how cultural institutions can be responsive and relevant in our rapidly-changing society.


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