Education in our natural environment

In the spring of 2009, the Rhode Island Foundation was pleased to make a grant to the Rhode Island Environmental Education Association for the development of a robust, first-of-its kind Environmental Literacy Plan. Developed in partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Education and with support from a broad coalition of educators, environmentalists, and advocates from across Rhode Island, Rhode Island’s Environmental Literacy Plan aims to increase student achievement in science and other subjects and ensure that all Rhode Island students possess a deep knowledge of our natural environment. This includes an understanding of the importance of (and challenges facing) our air, climate, land, food, energy, and water systems. With this knowledge and through hands-on environmental education, Rhode Island’s students and future leaders will be empowered to take individual and collective action to address the environmental challenges that face our world.

Rhode Island is now among the first states in the nation to finish an Environmental Literacy Plan, opening the door for potential federal funding that will help to equip teachers with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to integrate critical environmental and science learning into their curricula.

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