Enabling artists to nurture their craft

Since 2005, the Robert and Margaret MacColl Johnson Fellowship Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation has provided three artistic fellowships each year, rotating among composers, writers, and visual artists.

The $25,000 awards enable artists to concentrate time on the creative process, focus on personal or professional development, expand their body of work, and explore new directions. The program is considered to be one of the largest no-strings-attached awards available to artists in the United States. With our latest round of grants, the Foundation has awarded $750,000 to 30 composers, writers, and visual artists.

"These fellowships provide the considerable financial resources necessary to enable artists to invest in honing their craft," said Daniel Kertzner, the Foundation's Senior Philanthropic Advisor for Funding Partnerships. "They echo the value the MacColl Johnsons placed on the role of the arts in the community."

Rhode Islanders Robert and Margaret MacColl Johnson were both dedicated to the arts all their lives. Mrs. Johnson, who died in 1990, earned a degree in creative writing from Roger Williams College when she was 70. Mr. Johnson invented a new process for mixing metals in jewelry-making and then retired to become a fulltime painter. Before he died in 1999, Johnson began discussions with the Foundation that led to the creation of the MacColl Johnson fellowships in music composition, literature, and visual arts.


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