Fund for "the relief of incurables"

Madeline Ives Goddard was born into an illustrious Rhode Island family. In 1906, at age 32, she married a French aristocrat, became the Marquise d'Andigne, and spent the better part of her life living and working in France.

Trained as a nurse at Rhode Island Hospital, she was stationed at various military installations during the Spanish-American War. In France, she established Le Bien-Etre du Blesse – a Red Cross-like organization – and was decorated by the French government for "cool courage and resource under fire."

Her life experience proved critical to her later philanthropy. Already ill with cancer, Madeline Goddard returned to Rhode Island. She died in 1931. In her will, she left $100,000 to the Rhode Island Foundation -- to that point the largest donation ever made to the Foundation -- as a field of interest fund for "the relief of incurables."

Today, the Marquise d’Andigne Fund is worth more than $800,000. More than $700,000 has been disbursed through the years.

The fund was originally used to treat victims of tuberculosis and polio, and today’s funds are directed at Alzheimer’s and cancer. Her contribution is a testament to the power and value of an endowment.


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