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In order to make positive change in issue areas like healthcare and education, we know that individuals, organizations, and agencies need to work together. We also know it can be difficult to make sense of some of the complicated issues involved, but we need to be well-informed, so that we can make good decisions – for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

One way that many Rhode Islanders seek to inform themselves on the issues of the day is through public radio. Because public radio is not bound solely to commercial interests or advertising, there is greater flexibility to present a range of viewpoints – to present and analyze complex issues from different perspectives. It is this flexibility and commitment to in-depth reporting that make Rhode Island Public Radio a natural and valuable partner in our work.

Consistent and thorough reporting on policy – particularly in education and healthcare – supports our goals in that it can reach a broader audience of Rhode Island residents, bringing informative interviews, news stories, and analysis to the public.

From looking at how state budgets will affect healthcare benefits to how we are combating the rise of Hepatitis C, and from following the state’s search for a new commissioner of education to changes in statewide student testing – RIPR’s stories on local issues provide timely, relevant context for the issues that matter most to us.

The Rhode Island Foundation is proud to partner with Rhode Island Public Radio through grant support of education and healthcare reporting, but also in other ways over the past decades, including playing a large role in bringing and keeping RIPR in Rhode Island. At a time when RIPR’s Boston parent company threatened to sell Rhode Island’s only public radio outlet, the Foundation and a number of local donors stepped up to help purchase the licensing that will keep public radio alive and well in the Ocean State.

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