Investing in quality 

Founded in 2001, the Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI) is working to significantly improve the quality, safety, and value of health care in Rhode Island. Partnering with hospitals, health insurers, businesses, leaders of consumer groups, academia, and government, RIQI focuses on building on the availability and advantages of health information technology.

Under the leadership of President and CEO Laura Adams, RIQI has become a center of collaborative innovation, leveraging Rhode Island’s unique characteristics to foster connectivity between the health care team and the patient; to increase accuracy, responsiveness, and effectiveness by using technology to standardize and streamline the delivery of patient data; and to create a system that inspires and rewards improved professional performance.

“The Rhode Island Foundation was our first $100,000 donor,” said Adams “We launched from a cubicle in the Foundation’s space. With that $100,000 and a couple of substantial grants along the way, we brought in more than $50 million in federal funding to infuse into this state.”

Through the Fund for Healthy Rhode Island (FFHRI), the Foundation is supporting this work. In coordination with our grantmaking in the health sector, the FFHRI allows us the flexibility to offer larger-scale, multi-year support to projects that target this kind of systems-level change.

To this end, the Foundation last year made a three-year award of $500,000 to RIQI. It will enable primary care physicians to share information regarding hospital use by high-risk patients. Among the goals is to reduce hospital admissions, readmissions, and emergency department returns within 30 days.

 “RIQI is very pleased to be serving up near-real time, actionable information to physicians and care managers so that they can quickly identify those patients with the most urgent need for care and support and who will reap the greatest benefit from timely intervention,” said Laura Adams.


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