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The Rhode Island Society of Certified Public Accountants has been a long-time friend and ally. A self-proclaimed ambassador of the Foundation, RISCPA Executive Director Bob Mancini explains, “I have made it a personal commitment to spread word throughout the professional community to take a strong look at the Rhode Island Foundation. By partnering with the Rhode Island Foundation, companies can create a mark on the community and have the confidence of knowing that things are in order.”

The RISCPA’s members, including Rhode Island’s top accounting professionals, have contributed immeasurably to the Foundation through service on the Foundation’s Professional Advisory Council, by introducing philanthropically minded clients to the Foundation, and through their own personal giving.

In 2012, the RISCPA expanded its partnership with the Foundation by creating the Rhode Island Society of Certified Public Accountants Philanthropy Fund. For over two decades, the RISCPA had leveraged its annual golf tournament to raise funds for a variety of Rhode Island-based organizations and was seeking a way to more formally memorialize the charitable fund that had grown over the years.

“We were looking to enhance growth opportunities for our giving, and open up more contributing opportunities for our membership,” says Bob. He observed that it can be difficult and cost-prohibitive for small to mid-sized entities to establish their own foundations. The Society decided in 2012 to set aside half of the proceeds from the golf tournament to establish a fund at the Foundation.

In the years since its creation, the RISCPA and its members have continued to grow the Philanthropy Fund in a concerted effort to expand the RISCPA’s philanthropic reach. Reflecting on his experience with the Foundation through the fund, Bob observes, “The return has been wonderful, we get a sense of professional comfort working with the Foundation, there is separation between the fund and the RISCPA’s other assets, and there is a low personnel commitment on our end.”

The Foundation and the Society have partnered in numerous other ways over the years as well. Bob serves as a member of the Foundation’s Professional Advisory Council, and the Society and Foundation have co-sponsored events for professionals in accounting, legal, and business fields.

“Bob and others at the Society have opened doors for us to connect with business leaders and professional advisors throughout the state,” says Jim Sanzi, our vice president of development. “We are extremely fortunate to have forged such a strong partnership with the Rhode Island Society of Certified Public Accountants, and we look forward to continued collaborations in the years to come.”

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