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In 1990, we gave $200,000 – at the time, the Foundation’s second largest ever grant – to help start a Local Initiatives Support Corporation in Rhode Island. LISC is a national organization that helps nonprofit housing groups turn troubled neighborhoods into healthy communities. Over the prior decade, LISC had helped such groups – called community development corporations (CDCs) – finance affordable housing around the U.S. so that low-income people could have a place to call home.

Doug Jansson, the Foundation’s executive director at that time, predicted that LISC Rhode Island should at least double the number of housing units in the state that CDCs would otherwise be able to build. How would it work? LISC would create a $3 million pool from which CDCs could draw when starting new housing projects. They would also provide technical assistance to make sure projects had the greatest possible impact. 

Our support for LISC Rhode Island has continued. In 1997, we gave $175,000 to help launch LISC’s Neighborhood Development Fund (NDF) to build the capacity of CDCs with technical assistance and operating support. Since that initial investment, we have provided more than $3 million to support LISC and NDF. 

LISC Rhode Island also plays a critical role in financing other important community development projects like child care facilities, small businesses, arts and cultural centers, charter schools and more. 

LISC has invested nearly $300 million in neighborhoods across our state, helping to create more than 7,500 affordable homes and supporting the development of more than 2 million square feet of commercial, child care, educational and community space. Believing that every low-income community should have a chance to thrive, LISC provides the capital, strategy, and know-how to make this a reality. 

Together, we remain committed to building strong neighborhoods and healthy communities where individuals, businesses and families can thrive.

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