Early Foundation leaders

The Foundation was organized at the Rhode Island Hospital Trust Company in June 1916 by a small group of prominent citizens. Our founders were the movers and shakers of their time. They were active in Rhode Island businesses, politics, social life, and the arts. They were lawyers, entrepreneurs, architects, academics, and physicians. Yet they all shared a strong sense of philanthropic purpose. "There is a growing belief that the charitable problems of each generation can better be, and should be, solved by the best minds of each generation," the founders wrote.

Rhode Island Foundation Founders

  • John Ormsbee Ames
  • Charles Value Chapin
  • Louis Hall Comstock
  • Richard Borden Comstock
  • Amos Lockwood Danielson
  • Edward Francis Ely
  • William H.P. Faunce
  • Rathbone Gardner
  • Walter Hidden
  • P.H. Keefe
  • Jesse H. Metcalf
  • John Waite Mitchell/li>
  • Francis M. Smith
  • Albert Morris Steinert

Rhode Island Foundation original board members

  • Charles V. Chapin
  • William H.P. Faunce
  • William L. Hodgman
  • Albert Davis Mead
  • Henry D. Sharpe
  • Mary B. Steedman

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