Lead, Transform, Inspire


The Rhode Island Foundation is a proactive community and philanthropic leader dedicated to meeting the needs of the people of Rhode Island. 

Vision for Rhode Island Foundation 

Lead. We have earned the trust of our donors, community leaders, and Rhode Islanders through a century of effective investments, strategic grants, and responsible decisions. 
Transform. We align our fundraising, grantmaking, and leadership to inspire and engage Rhode Islanders to address today’s challenges and create lasting improvements in our community 
Inspire. We challenge and encourage Rhode Islanders to become active and involved in the community, to form meaningful partnerships, and to work together for the good of Rhode Island. 


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Our mission requires us to focus acutely on the levers of change that we believe will advance our three strategic priorities - therefore improving economic, educational, and health outcomes for all Rhode Islanders. 

As the state’s community foundation we must create flexibility in our community investment strategies, so that we are able to work with partners across the nonprofit sector to meet community need. 

In order to create true transformation we must raise up issues of equity, address the social determinants that produce disparate outcomes, and nurture a culture of civic engagement and philanthropy. 

To support all of this work into the future we must increase our fundraising efforts and clearly articulate the community benefit inherent in investing with the Rhode Island Foundation.

Strategic Initiatives

We are working to improve education in our public schools.
Educational Success

Working toward long-term improvements in student achievement, the quality of educational environments, and coordination within the sector.  Read more about our educational success initiative

We are working to improve access and quality of primary care for all Rhode Islanders.
Healthy Lives

Working to improve health outcomes for Rhode Islanders, provide better care, and lower costs. Read more about our healthy lives initiative

We are working to improve Rhode Island's environment for economic growth so all Rhode Islanders can prosper.
Economic Security

Working toward long term, demonstrable improvements in household financial stability and household wealth. Read more about our economic security initiative


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