Program for Animal Welfare

Twelve special funds at the Foundation relate to the humane treatment and protection of animals:

  • Virginia B. Butler Fund, established in 1978
  • Abbie A. Brougham Memorial Fund, established in 1988
  • Ilon Sillman/Sara Andrews Endowment Fund, established in 1997
  • Helen Walker Raleigh Fund for Animals, established in 2006
  • Dawn, Gregg and Leland Weingeroff Animal Fund, established in 2006
  • Mary Lou Crandall Fund, established in 2006
  • Vinny Animal Welfare Fund, established in 2009
  • Jeanne Marie Mehmed Fund, established in 2012
  • Vernon and Mary Pierce Fund, established in 2013
  • Ginger, Sheba and Susie Carr Fund, established in 2013
  • Chariho-Westerly Animal Rescue League Animal Welfare Fund, established in 2014
  • Julius and Lena DelPapa Memorial Fund, established in 2014

These funds collectively enable the Foundation to take a leading role on animal welfare issues. Previously funded programs include statewide humane education efforts and low-cost spay and neuter initiatives.


The Program for Animal Welfare funds organizations in Rhode Island or that serve Rhode Island working to promote and/or provide humane treatment of animals and supports organizations working more generally on the welfare of animals. Grants are for projects or programs that have a positive impact statewide or in individual communities with regard to the care, shelter, and maintenance of animals, education about the humane treatment of animals, and/or animal welfare in general.

The Foundation will consider capital projects. Individuals are not eligible to receive grants. Please note: Applications will not be considered from organizations with overdue grant reports.


Application deadline

Grants are awarded annually. The next application deadline is June 13, 2019.

To Apply

Please submit the following:

  • Completed application form
    (Applications are available six weeks prior to the deadline; all applications must be submitted through our online system.)
  • Narrative
  • Project budget
  • Board list
  • For lead organization:
    • complete copy of organization’s current operating budget, including detailed breakdown of income and expenses
    • complete copy of audit (including balance sheet, statement of revenues and expenses, and auditor’s notes and opinions) for most recently completed fiscal year. If no audit was done, a year-end financial statement including balance sheet, statement of revenues and expenses, and an accounting of assets and liabilities must be included
    • IRS 501 (c) tax determination letter
    • scope of work, only if you are requesting funding for consultant services 
    • written estimate(s) if you are requesting funding support for equipment or capital improvements to facilities


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