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In 2010, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and the Rhode Island Group Health Association (RIGHA) Foundation announced the transfer of its $1.7 million fund to the Rhode Island Foundation. The RIGHA Foundation Fund supports the Rhode Island Foundation’s efforts to improve access to and quality of primary care for all rhode islanders. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, which acquired RIGHA in 1990, makes annual payments to the RIGHA Foundation Fund at the Foundation to further support these efforts.


The RIGHA Foundation Fund supports projects, programs, and organizations that improve health outcomes in Rhode Island. The fund does not directly support medical research.


  1. Innovation in primary care and behavioral health
  2. Innovation in primary care and social determinants of health


Up to $75,000 for up to one year of support. Approximately five to six grants are expected to be awarded. 


  • Nonprofit, 501(c) organizations located in the state of Rhode Island are eligible to apply.
  • The RIGHA Foundation Fund does not fund individuals, scholarships or research, capital or endowment efforts, fundraising events, or campaigns to elect candidates to public office. Grants may support faith-based organizations for secular programs or projects.
  • Proposals should demonstrate innovation in delivering primary care AND addressing either: 1) behavioral health or 2) social determinants of health. Applications which do not fulfill this requirement will be deemed not responsive to the eligibility criteria.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the unique issues facing health care payment and delivery system reform.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the unique issues facing safety-net providers; strong relationships with safety-net providers.
  • Existing organizational infrastructure that indicates sufficient capacity for this work, including financial infrastructure and staff.
  • Organizations that are awarded a grant from the RIGHA Foundation Fund ARE eligible to apply to the Rhode Island Foundation for other grant support.
  • Please note: Applications will not be considered from organizations with overdue RIGHA or Rhode Island Foundation grant reports.

The questions that follow are intended to help you craft your application. The application gives you an opportunity to describe your work and the goals you are seeking to achieve. It also represents the starting point from which the staff of the Foundation will begin to form a funding decision on your project. Please be concise and use bullets where appropriate. In no more than five pages, answer the following questions:

  1. Please provide the context/background of the healthcare challenge in Rhode Island, which your proposal will address.
  2. Briefly describe what aspects of the challenge your proposal will address?
  3. What are the project goals and objectives?
  4. What is the evidence that the project is needed?
  5. How will you know if the project is successful?
  6. What makes your organization capable and a qualified candidate to address this issue/problem? Please describe any relevant collaborations.
  7. Why is this opportunity critical now?
  8. How will you sustain the project beyond the Foundation's grant investment?


Applications will be scored according to the following criteria:

  • Clearly stated Identified community need(s), goals, objectives and measurable outcomes.
  • Collaborative capacity, including the ability to foster partnerships with appropriate partners.
  • Ability to engage health sector stakeholders, including health care providers and other practitioners in the field:
    o Willingness and ability to think creatively about non-traditional partners;
    o History of collaborations with practitioners in the field;
    o Ability to coordinate and work with external advisers.
  • Project management and leadership skills, including experience coordinating and managing multiple projects and priorities simultaneously.Creativity and logic behind proposed approach, including vision and fit with the general expectations described in this call for proposals.
  • Time and commitment to make this work a priority and to launch partnership opportunities soon after the award is made.
  • Ability and willingness to build evaluation and data capacity; and share insights and learnings with the Foundation and its partners.
  • Plan for sustainability and knowledge sharing.


Please follow the instructions below to complete the budget form and upload it to your application.

  • The budget should include all income for the project that you currently have in hand and funding that is anticipated. Please identify all committed and potential funding sources and when a decision is anticipated.
  • Please break all personnel down by position and the percentage of time that the employee will devote to this project. You may group a class of employees.
  • Please note that the Foundation reviews requests that include overhead or indirect costs on a case by case basis.
  • Please make sure that your total project expenses matches the total entered in this application under Total project budget.

Please include your organization's budget for the current fiscal year with year-to-date actuals (not required for public schools and hospitals).

Please include your organization's financials for the two most recent years (not required for public schools and hospitals).

Please complete the implementation plan and upload it to your application. Share your plan for the implementation of your project and list up to four major activities the project entails and the outputs you expect from each of these activities.

Please attach a copy of your organization's board list.

IRS 501(c) TAX DETERMINATION LETTER (not a tax-exempt certificate)
Required ONLY IF YOUR ORGANIZATION HAS NEVER APPLIED TO THE RHODE ISLAND FOUNDATION FOR FUNDING. If an organization is serving as the fiscal agent for this project, please submit the IRS 501(c) tax determination letter for the fiscal agent.

For correspondence and documents generated by a source that is not electronic/digital, like the tax determination letter, create an electronic/digital file by scanning the document into the computer. It is suggested that you store these documents either on your computer or on a digital/electronic alternative to which you have access, to assist in answering any additional questions related to your request.

To assure that the correct documents are being uploaded, please make note of the folder or location of the files that will be submitted to the Rhode Island Foundation.

Please only submit the requested attachments and do not include evaluation/report forms with this grant application. The evaluation/report forms must be submitted separately to .

Please submit your application online only. Do not send a paper copy of the application or e-mail a copy of the application to foundation staff.

Submit a completed online application form.
Application must be submitted by September 5, 2019.

Notifications of grant awards are issued in December of each year.


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