Robert & Margaret MacColl Johnson Fellowships

The Robert and Margaret MacColl Johnson Fellowship Fund, established at the Rhode Island Foundation in 2003, provides up to three $25,000 artist fellowships each year, rotating among composers, writers, and visual artists on a three-year cycle.

In all three disciplines, the Fellowships will be awarded to emerging and mid-career Rhode Island artists whose work demonstrates exceptional creativity, rigorous dedication and consistent artistic practice, and significant artistic merit.

The 2019 Fellowships will be awarded to visual artists. The 2020 Fellowships will be awarded to composers, and the 2021 Fellowships will be awarded to emerging and mid-career writers in Rhode Island.

Application Timeline
Application deadline: August 19, 2019 (11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time)*.

*Please note: The application will close electronically at this time and no applications will be accepted after this deadline. No one will be available to answer questions after 5:00 pm on the day of the deadline.

Fellowship Objective and Guidelines

The MacColl Johnson Fellowship seeks to advance the careers of artists who, through seriousness of purpose and active engagement, are committed to their artistic practice.

The significant financial support provided by the Fellowships enables artists to concentrate time on the creative process, focus on personal and professional development, expand their body of work, and explore new directions.

Although Fellowships are unrestricted, Fellows are expected to devote concentrated time to their work during the term of the Fellowship and engage in activities that further their artistic growth. Examples include the creation of new work, training in technologies or techniques, purchase of equipment or materials, travel, research, and development of artistic endeavors. Fellows will be required to submit a final report documenting activities supported by the Fellowship.


1. Residency: Applicants must be Rhode Island residents 12 months prior to the application deadline, at the time of submitting the application, and during the period of the Fellowship.

2. Discipline: Applications will be accepted from visual artists creating new original work in any genre.

3. Career Stage: Applicants must demonstrate that they are within the range of an emerging to mid-career stage in their artistic profession, regardless of age. 


 1. Established artists, defined as having reached the mature stage of their careers and advanced levels of achievement, are not eligible.

2. Artists who are high school students or who are college or graduate students enrolled in a degree-granting program, at the time of application or during the period of the Fellowship, are not eligible.

Application Process

The Rhode Island Foundation is employing the ALLIANCE OF ARTISTS COMMUNITIES, an independent national association, to manage applications and the jury process for the Robert and Margaret MacColl Johnson Fellowships.

For full information on eligibility, guidelines, and TO APPLY, please visit

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