Getting Started in Philanthropy

Whether you choose to work through the Foundation, through another organization, or to support any of our state's nonprofit organizations directly, we thank you for doing all you can to give back to Rhode Island.

Why should I give?

Whether you want to help educate a child, provide food for a needy family, or help ensure that affordable healthcare is available for all Rhode Islanders, you can make a difference in a person's life. One person cannot do it all, but together we can do more!

Why partner with the Rhode Island Foundation?

We want to help you to not just give, but to GIVE WELL.

Among the benefits of managing your charitable giving through the Foundation:

Creative, flexible and easy ways to give

To meet your specific needs, we offer abundant choices to make gifts now or later. Your giving can serve one purpose or many, it can support the community broadly, a particular area of interest, or a specific organization. It's up to you.

Sound investment policies

Your gift will become part of our highly-diversified investment pool. Due to its size, the Foundation has access to some of the top-performing professional money managers in the country.

Stewardship and community knowledge

Our staff is knowledgeable about the challenges and opportunities in Rhode Island. We can offer guidance based on your interests and perform due diligence, all with the goal of helping you have the greatest impact with your giving.

Permanence and stability

Working with the Foundation, you create a permanent legacy in Rhode Island. We diligently ensure that your fund will continue to support the causes or organizations you choose, in perpetuity.


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